Cymbeline by William Shakespeare
Vivian Beaumont Theatre at Lincoln Center, New York, NY
(As Assistant Director)

“[Jennifer’s] deep and surprising insights into acting, directing, and playwriting have in fact made her my ‘secret weapon…’ I could trust her implicitly with virtually any task, no matter how sensitive or challenging...and I always saw results. Her eye on the show was infallible."

-Mark Lamos, Director, Cymbeline

“[Jennifer] was able to discuss intelligently and sympathetically all the points that were problems for me…I not only came to enjoy our sessions, but feel I gained a lot from them...they helped my performance.”

-John Cullum, actor in the role of Cymbeline

The Blonde, the Brunette and the Vengeful Redhead by Robert Hewett
Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park/Dallas Theater Center co-production
(As Assistant Director)

“Jennifer was entrusted to move the production from Cincinnati to the Dallas Theater Center. I attended opening night and saw a show that made its transfer with ease. This was entirely due to Jennifer’s flawless work.”

-Ed Stern, Artistic Director, Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park

“Jennifer ably ushered the work through its second tech and preview process…there were a number of modifications to the work that were necessitated by the move to a new theatre…All of these tasks were executed by Jennifer with the utmost skill, patience and professionalism. I observed her delicate work and her smooth facilitation of communication between her various designers, all while keeping her mind focused on the clarity and potential power of the theatrical event. It was the work of a genuine director.”

-David Kennedy, Associate Artistic Director, Westport Country Playhouse (former Interim Artistic Director, Dallas Theater Center)

The Motherline by Chantal Bilodeau
Milagro Theater for FringeNYC, New York, NY

“This is an entertaining, engaging show with moments of real originality and laugh-out-loud humor.”

-Sophie Harris, Time Out New York

“The staging by Jennifer Vellenga and scenery by April Soroko are simple and effective and serve the story well.”

-Brad Lee Thomason,

Medea by Euripides
Circuit Playhouse, Memphis, TN

“Good thing director Jennifer Vellenga saw the script’s reflective potential in her contemporary staging of Medea…The concept, which uses a traditional version of the script, offers a few staggering insights into an ancient tragedy that still present viewers with a shocking and gruesome revenge.”

-Christopher Blank, theater critic, Commercial Appeal, Memphis

“Jennifer brought with her a wealth of research and knowledge that commanded respect from her actors and designers, and there was always an atmosphere of collaboration and open dialogue that allowed for creativity to flourish. Her approach was refreshing and invigorating. We had some of the most lively and intelligent post-show discussions from student matinee audiences that I can remember. Jennifer more than helped us accomplish our goal of turning a 'classic' piece of theatre into a tangible and stimulating play-going experience for a younger audience."

-Dave Landis, Associate Director, Playhouse on the Square, Memphis, TN

Quills by Doug Wright
POTS @The Works, Memphis, TN

"Provocatively staged, the shock value doesn't obscure the message, thanks to the skilled direction of Jennifer Vellenga."
"This is one of the important productions this year in Memphis."
"The spare space at The Works is used ingeniously."

-Jon W. Sparks, Theatre Reviewer, Commercial Appeal, Memphis, TN

"Jennifer Vellenga's inventive staging plays more like a tense TV drama than some proscenium arch-bound museum piece."
"Vellenga coaxes outstanding performances from her ensemble."
"Quills was thoughtful, daring and entertaining...a very engaging production."

-David Perry, Theatre Reviewer,

Deathtrap by Ira Levin
Monomoy Theater, Chatham, MA

"Director, Jennifer Vellenga kept the cast scheming…while the audience remained keenly attuned to the convoluted plot...Vellenga balanced the murderous cruelty with screams of laughter and gasps of bloodcurdling surprises. Just like falling from the Tower of Terror at Disney World- you don’t know whether to laugh or cry, but you take the ride anyway."

-Joan Tacke Aucoin, Cape Cod Chronicle